Why PCD Pharma are becoming Famous in India

Why PCD Pharma are becoming Famous in India

PCD Pharma Franchise Business

The factors contributing to the success and fame of the PCD Pharma franchise business in India are as follows: Currently, worth $US 41 billion, India’s pharmaceutical industry is predicted to grow to $65 billion in just four years, or by 2024, if the current trends continue. Furthermore, by 2030, their respective valuations would have climbed by $US 120 billion. Based on these figures, we may infer the performance of the Indian pharmaceutical market in the past and predict its future success. Here are a few of the factors that have contributed to the pharmaceutical sector growing at a higher rate than it has ever done before. A considerable proportion of the overall value of all pharmaceutical markets is accounted for by the pharmaceutical franchise sector, which is the backbone of the whole business.

Given these figures, it is evident that this is a profitable market, which explains why so many pharmaceutical specialists in India are launching their pharma franchise businesses. More people are becoming involved in the sector due to its high success rate. It involves low initial investment and provides excellent career potential and substantial profit margins on some goods, among other benefits. When we look at the current state of the pharmaceutical industry, we can see that the demand for pharmaceutical products is continuing to rise.


The Factors That Contribute to the Success of the PCD Pharma Franchise Business in India

In order to go further into this topic, today’s post will examine the features and factors that have contributed to the success of the PCD Pharma franchise company in India.


As a result, let’s start with one of the most essential elements: structure.

There is a low chance of losing money.


Nowadays, every second individual needs appropriate treatment, resulting in a significant increase in the demand for therapeutic items. As a result, the danger of the stock not being sold and the owner incurring a minimal loss; this occurs only in exceptional circumstances. This is one of the reasons why India’s franchise industry is thriving.


Initially, there is a little expenditure of cash.


Almost all enterprises need a significant level of capital investment. On the other hand, with a pharmaceutical franchise, you are not required to make a substantial initial investment and may begin operations with a small quantity of money. Even though you may be able to start your firm with as little as 10,000 to 20,000 INR, which may seem like a bit of investment for a pharma franchise, this is still true.


Profitable Margin is a word that refers to the amount of money that a company makes after expenses.


The huge profit margins that PCD Pharma has in India are one of the most critical factors contributing to the company’s success. Because of the increase in demand for pharmaceutical goods, there is an excellent opportunity to make a significant profit in the pharmaceutical industry. Almost every company has interests that have a large profit margin attached to them. Certain items are in great demand, resulting in considerable price differentials between the manufacturer’s recommended retail price and the actual purchase price for such commodities.


Possibility To Learn


Nevertheless, every firm teaches something, and this teaching benefits the business in several ways. Individuals in India’s pharma franchise business typically learn about the need for pharmaceutical goods, the current situation of the pharma market, and abilities and procedures through chatting with other pharma professionals.


You Must Make a Decision Regarding Your Own Company


In addition, since the person does not have to report to anybody, PCD pharma franchises are becoming more popular because the individual may make their own decisions while running their business. Pharma experts that make a little initial investment in this area may be able to become owners of their company. If we compare the pharmaceutical franchise business to a job, we will find that you do not have the authority to make choices that affect the whole organization. On the other hand, in the franchise sector, you are free to make decisions that are beneficial to your own company.


There is no need to spend money on marketing.


According to common opinion, a pharmaceutical firm franchise requires the same money for marketing purposes as a traditional pharmaceutical corporation. This isn’t the case at all. To help franchisees build their businesses and publicize their goods, the pharmaceutical firm in this area supplies them with a comprehensive set of marketing tools.


One who is the proprietor of one’s enterprise


When comparing employment options, the pharma franchise business in India offers the opportunity to become a firm owner. Otherwise, you have no power to make choices, regardless of whether you work for an employer or a business entity. In addition, you do not have entire authority over a franchisee of another firm under any circumstances. On the other hand, if you own a pharmaceutical franchise, you are the boss and are free to make any business decisions you see necessary.


There Is No Specific Target Market For Pharma Franchise Businesses


Most pharmaceutical corporations provide unrestricted pharma franchise opportunities, which enables entrants to establish their businesses without feeling compelled. It allows you to handle the firm objectively and includes time to examine the whole pharmaceutical business idea.


To summarize, when all of the criteria listed above are considered, it’s clear to see why the Indian pharmaceutical franchise industry is thriving. This post will be of assistance to you if you are interested in discovering the Best Strategies For Succeeding As A Pharma PCD Franchise Company. The success of a pharmaceutical franchise is influenced by several important aspects, the most important of which is the increasing demand for pharmaceutical products. According to the information provided previously, additional factors contribute to the success of the PCD Pharma Franchise Business in India.



We hope that our article on the Factors Contributing to the Success of PCD Pharma Franchise Business in India has been of assistance in answering your queries regarding whether or not the pharmaceutical industry is thriving in India.

Why should you care about monopoly rights for Pharma Franchise?

Monopoly rights for pharma franchise

The Pharmaceutical Franchise business which is based on monopoly rights offers multiple benefits and that’s it is recognized as one of the best opportunities in business for emerging entrepreneurs in the Indian Pharma industry. 

In recent times, many firms start with their business in the pharmaceutical industry and such companies offer a wide range of varieties of pharma products as well as medicines. These firms have a diverse distribution network helping them in delivering products across the world.

Such factors are not sufficient for shifting or capturing the attention of customers as well as clients. It is significant to get access to monopoly rights for being a successful and reputed brand in the pharmaceutical industry.

Providing monopoly rights means allowing the partners in the franchise to use the products of the company, trademarks, patents, marketing materials as well as knowledge on terms and conditions which are agreed on mutual terms by both the parties.


What are the benefits of monopoly rights?


The Pharma Franchise business based on the monopoly consists of various benefits to the pharma firms as well as franchise partners. Monopoly rights are regarded as an agreement allowing the PCD pharma owner for completing rights to sell products as well as medicines.

 Therefore being the primary seller of Pharma products and medicines is very advantageous. Below are the details of some of the benefits of the monopoly based PCD pharma franchise listed below:-


  1. Diverse opportunities for development and research 

The primary benefit of a monopoly-based pharma franchise business provides a wide range of opportunities for involvement in research & development. Such steps offer brand new and unique products in the competitive market which would stand them apart from the crowd. It also saves cost.


  1. Global Competition

The individuals who run their Pharmaceutical Franchise Pharma Business on a monopolistic basis can become global. The monopoly rights help pharma franchise companies to make their way to international markets.  Hence it enhances their market presence.


  1. Successful Business

The monopoly rights on a Pharmaceutical Franchise Business increase the chances of success in a business. Monopoly rights play a vital role in determining the growth of the business. It demands limited investment by giving monopoly lead to effective services around the country by increasing the company’s presence.


  1. In-depth insight into the pharma market 

The monopoly model gives an in-depth insight into the pharmaceutical market. Features such as farsightedness increase the chances of success in any business. Moreover, it provides better opportunities to earn a good income and thus sustain via tough times.

Some important tools for success are such as policies, business blueprints, strategies with an appropriate plan. It becomes easier to sell such products if they are properly placed.


  1. Flexibility 

This business is very flexible and it keeps changing from time to time. The dynamics of the pharma franchise business keep evolving. Hence it becomes difficult to survive to maintain pace with the rapid changes. However, the risk in the monopoly franchise model is limited. It brings huge success if one is willing to take good initiatives.


  1. Separate division for research & development 

It’s important to set up an individual division for research and development. It plays a key role in any pharmaceutical business model and is thus referred to as the backbone for the business model. 

A partnership with a company whose prime focus is on these two factors means that the company focuses on innovation and would succeed. The resources are properly used by showing an upward graph for victory.

Because of the immense professionalism and caliber, a monopoly model makes a significant impression in the pharmaceutical world.


What are the additional merits of monopoly rights of Pharma companies?

There are multitudes of merits of Pharma Franchise Company with Monopoly Rights.

Above the primary advantages of having monopoly rights in the Pharmaceutical, Franchise Business is listed. But it’s important to be aware of the other kinds of benefits it offers.

It offers a wide range of benefits to entrepreneurs since it assists in the expansion of business, increasing profit margins, etc. Some of the benefits of having Monopoly rights on Pharmaceutical Franchise are as follows:-

  • Limited amount of monetary investment
  • Lesser risks involved
  • Outstanding ROI
  • Working as your boss
  • Higher profit margins
  • Access to free of cost marketing tools


This article would brief you about every relevant detail and useful information about the PCD pharma franchise through proper research. Each information is noted after proper research.

Thus it can be said without any doubt that monopoly rights open a door of opportunities for entrepreneurs in the pharmaceutical business. Reassurance is important since everyone looks for quality products and medicines.

The market is flooded with different types of products ranging from tablets, creams, eye drops, capsules as well as dental care along with monopoly rights. Customers are ensured that they are having access to the best quality products as well as franchise services.


How to choose the best Pharma company?

Since this business model is very dynamic and competitive, it’s suggested to collaborate or partner with a particular company that follows a proper professional code of conduct involving lesser risk. The franchise business would tough new heights if the right company is selected. 

Another important aspect is customer assistance and service. Every business should satisfy the need of their customers to achieve great success. Since customers only come back if they are happy and satisfied with your services.

A pharma company should take care of such criteria to keep moving on the path of success. It not only keeps your customer satisfied but also maintains the upward graph of the business.


The key to choosing the best pharma franchise in India lies in such important factors. Make sure that the office operates on a pan-India level having its main branches in important states. The growth factor is important while selecting any business.

Such businesses are committed to enhanced services, quality healthcare by marketing, producing, and developing cost-effective pharmaceutical products in the market. Thus following such factors can bring huge success to your business.

What is the role of a medical representative?

role of medical representative

A medical representative plays a key role to create demand for a brand new product or launching a new product which ensures proper availability at wholesalers and retailers.  The role of Medical Representative at an organization is very challenging. The company is represented by them in a given territory.

They work immensely hard from morning to night at various pharmacies, clinical, doctor’s chambers as well as hospitals. They often conduct meetings with various types of clinic managers, doctors, pharmacy owners, and nurses and at times with general patients.

The target is achieved by generating patient prescriptions. They possess avid knowledge regarding microbiology as well as the human body. They should have expertise in product knowledge, time management, communication skills, selling skills, and problem-solving skills to become an efficient Medical representative.


What is the role of Medical Representative?

Medical representatives are considered a pillar of a company. The formation of the platform in any company in front of their potential customers accompanied by promoting the vision and the products of the company is done by medical representatives. This maximizes the revenue of the company.


Some of their responsibilities include:-

  • Launch brand new products in the market
  • Maximize sales
  • Adequate customer service and assistance
  • Asking for feedback on the product from the market
  • Pharma product promotion
  • Representative of a company
  • Keeping records and reporting

They play a major role in establishing contact between pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals along with many medical companies to generate product awareness, offering advisory, answering queries, and introducing a wide range of products. Outstanding sales skills fetch a longer way for medical representatives.

A typical day of a medical representative includes one-to-one interaction with nurses, doctors, and pharmacists in the offices for monitoring the proper supply of drugs and to inform the superiors in case of any further changes.

The introduction of the brand new products in the company is taken care of and introduced by the representative, this is the most important role of medical representative. Moreover, he also might visit the spital to meet with different doctors and staff and to persuade them to buy your company’s products.


How to become a qualified medical representative?


The cost of manufacturing a drug costs millions and selling them in this highly competitive pharmaceutical world isn’t as easy as it seems. The pharma industry looks for people to sell their products to chemists, doctors, and pharmacists. It is the role of medical representative to sell new products and promote them.

Such companies hire medical representatives to introduce a wide range of products to chemists, doctors as well as pharmacists, or various other healthcare professionals who regularly provide prescriptions to the patients.

Medical representatives are generally specialized in one particular area. The particular product is prescribed by the health professionals of a company. The job includes promoting the existing medicines to chemists, doctors, and pharmacists.

role of medical representative

The clinical usage, as well as dosages, are discussed by the doctors and pharmacists. Medical representatives play a key role in facilitating communication between drug manufacturing companies and medical professionals.

It is the role of medical representatives to promote the products of the company to doctors and GPs in the hospitals. That’s why they do several meetings and personal communication with the medical professionals.


What is the qualification required for becoming a medical representative?


The individuals aiming to become qualified medical representatives (MR) should have a bachelor’s degree in that field. Expertise in healthcare, pharmacy, or business is required. The individuals having qualifications in any other field can also become medical representatives.

However, they are required to take training sessions about the related drugs and diseases for acquiring expertise. Few pharmaceutical companies prefer hiring candidates who are qualified in bioscience or business, while many companies hire candidates having sales backgrounds.


What are the skills and eligibility of a Medical representative?

Candidates pursuing higher secondary education with mathematics and biology from prestigious institutions or schools should join for a bachelor’s degree in the prescribed field.

Some reputed universities offer several relevant programs such as healthcare, pharmacy, biosciences, and business for four years. The admission to the institutions and schools is done based on entrance tests by them.

Developing interpersonal skills are required to build rapport and trust which is significant for the sales procedure. The necessary skills of a medical representative include:-


  • Zeal to work harder
  • Should be properly groomed, polite, dedicated, gentle, and determined.
  • Ability to comply with a challenge
  • Proficient knowledge in microbiology and the human body
  • Possess the ability to generate prescriptions

It’s necessary to be proficient in reading the language of an established medical profession by becoming acquainted with complex medical procedures as well as terms. Proper time management is very necessary for this field.


What are some additional tips to follow while preparing to become a medical representative?


Some of the tips are as follows:-


  1. Take biology as well as mathematics in your higher secondary from a reputed institution. Study harder to get good marks in the exam.


  1. Search for universities or colleges that offer courses in pharmacy bioscience and healthcare to excel in your bachelor’s degree.


  1. Get experience in the industry for maximum exposure. This would escalate your chances to get a good and reliable medical representative job.


  1. Enhance your skills by attending relevant webinars and seminars in medical subjects. Many companies provide training as per the candidates’ experience in the relevant field.


  1. Acquire the certification which would act as proof of your potential skills in the relevant field. Look for companies that are looking for medical representatives and apply for the job.




Medical representatives are individuals who act as a bridge between qualified medical professionals such as drug manufacturing companies, doctors as well as health care experts.

After getting several years of experience as medical representatives they leave their respective jobs to start with their own business as a PCD Pharma Franchise Company followed by building their further career as a business entrepreneur.

They visit many healthcare experts and doctors to pitch their best products in front of the pharma companies as a result they get prescriptions.


How to Select the Right Products for your PCD Pharma franchise?


Currently, the market of the pharmaceutical business is touching great heights because of its massive popularity and optimistic future for entrepreneurs. The healthcare sector is one of the fields whose demand would never stoop low which means investment in this sector will bring immerse stability in the future for any investor. Hence, it is necessary to find right product for Pharma Franchise.


The estimation of the Pharmaceutical market was done at $41 billion in 2020 which would increase to $65 billion by 2023. By 2030 it might reach $120 to $130 billion. India is one of the largest suppliers of generic drugs globally so the demand of the Pharmaceutical sector in India is even more diverse.


The business world is developing with every passing day, indulging to start a Pharma franchise is one of the ideal business choices. The profit margin in this field is very huge by just investing a limited amount of money. The concept of a franchise business is one of the effective ways to expand your pharma business.


What’s more important to know is that the growth and success in this business mostly come from choosing the right kind of product for Pharma franchise.


How to select the best products for  pharma franchise?


It is known to every entrepreneur that setting up a pharmaceutical business requires a very limited amount of monetary investment. Since one doesn’t have to choose from a big list of products for the business, it is suggested to opt for three to four categories of products for the business.


Keep in mind that the chosen products for pharma franchise are apt and have a good demand in your location. Moreover, it should also be approachable in your location. Although it’s quite difficult to enumerate which products would be the best for your business since it varies from one location to another.


This article would brief you with some tips to follow while selecting a category of products for pharma franchise business, these points would guide you to make the right choice and select the right products for your PCD pharma franchise. The tips go as follows:-


  1. Extensive Market Research


Before the launch of a pharma franchise conducting proper market research serves as a great help. The research would make you familiar with the knowledge about the products which are already sold in the market, the leading brands and the cost. You would also be informed about the recent changes in market trends along with future trends in the market conditions.


  1. Plan your budget


Having a proper financial budget for the company’s products can help you to buy different products at the best price. Creating a plan for investing a specified amount to purchase the products of your PCD pharma franchise is also great. Everything would take place in an organization through proper planning. Look for products in the lower cost sector for a limited budget.


  1. Keep insights into different existing pharma products


Keep updates of various existing pharma companies and their products along with the names in the market. Since it’s important to know your competition if you are going to sell any such already existing pharma medical products. Moreover, it helps in developing effective marketing strategies.


  1. Analysis of market trends


Before starting with your PCD pharma business, it’s necessary to know the demands of your customers through the market. It assists you to get acquainted with the types of products which tops the priority of the majority of the customers and if the price is affordable. Through proper analysis of the market trends, you would get an overall idea about the prevailing market condition.


  1. Study the history


Entrepreneurs can gain so much experience and establish connections with a lot of people in the pharma industry for the promotion of drug sales by applying promotional techniques. Several years of work experience in the pharma industry play a vital role to maximize the promotion of new products in the market.


  1. Business plan


The dimension of a product launch by economic terms is essential. The business plan would enumerate different economic variables involved in development as well as marketing your product.


Meanwhile, it will also take care of your investment during the initial stages of product development. Meanwhile establishing the variables for the demanded sales pipeline and the costs associated with it after the launch of the product.


By conducting a break-even analysis it would be very easy to identify the profit period of the product. A proper analysis of the value devoted by customers to your product would somehow define its future


  1. Design and production


After the prototype is ready, it should also enable jotting down various technical specifications. It depends on the kind of product which has been created, you might feel the need to consult external designers who can offer good design specifications which are required for your final product.


  1. Pricing strategy


Getting marketing, as well as sales, is right for a brand new product is one of the daunting tasks in the whole process. It is the most important step in developing the product but the launch of a product can’t take place without a perfect market strategy. You also require a pricing strategy taking the novelty of one’s product into execution in the marketing plan.




Before implementing your idea you should be confirmed if your idea is supporting the objective of your overall pharma business. A proper study can help in determining if a particular concept would be successful in the future before starting investment.


After being clear about the kind of product you want, the very next step is defining in simple terms regarding the building of the product. You are required to research the needs of the customer, test different concepts, and prioritize being aware of all the key capabilities which would be present in your new product.


The creation of prototypes, lightweight, mockups as well as wireframes is done by several product teams to showcase their envision and to collect feedback from people. This also justifies the fact that proper engineering comprehends the process of building a particular product and its functionality which would be implemented further.

PCD Pharma Franchise in Bidar, Karnataka


PCD Pharma Franchise in Bidar, Karnataka – The company has a vast range of drugs that cover all the medical segments of the market such as Antiemetic & Anti Ulcerate, Gastro, Neuropsychiatry, Analgesics, Antibiotic, Derma Products, etc. Lifepure Labs believes in bringing better innovations in the market thus keeps trying new formulations that can be more effective for consumer use. Now we are also giving our PCD Pharma Franchise in Bidar, Karnataka so that Pharma members can also contribute to our mission to offer better treatment in the market.

Being an ISO, certified company we believe in offering effective treatments and services thus we make the use of internationally approved manufacturing units in our sites. With the help of our R&D, we bring the most well-planned marketing strategies for our franchise partners, so they can easily exile in the market. All the services offered by us help our partners to grow easily in their venture thus if you also want to be a successful entrepreneur then join our PCD Pharma Franchise in Bidar, Karnataka.

To collaborate with the tremendous Opportunities of the PCD Pharma Franchise opportunities, you can contact us by calling at +91-8427290072, +91-7340712215, or drop us an email at lifepurelabs@gmail.com.

The Best Pharma Franchise Company in Bidar, Karnataka

Lifepure Labs is an Esteem Pharma company that is popular for its high-end product list as well as for its excellent franchise service in PAN India. The firm has made its own benchmark in the industry with the help of its extremely talented staff and skilled experts which help the company to offer the best services to its clients. Now we are also expanding our boundaries of work in other parts of the nation by offering PCD Pharma Franchise in Bidar, Karnataka.

Here are the features which make us prominent in the market:

  • The company has a state-of-art infrastructure for better production.
  • We have WHO and GMP authorized units for drug manufacturing.
  • With the help of the R&D team, we continually bring new medicines to the market.
  • All the production takes place in a tax-free zone area.

Reasons to Work in PCD Pharma Franchise in Bidar, Karnataka

In this competing world setting up an independent venture is a difficult job. But for the franchise business if a person associates with the best Pharma Company then the franchise business grows easy to work. So join Lifepure Labs for PCD Pharma Franchise in Bidar, Karnataka, and manage your own business. Franchise business is the most pleasant and emerging business area in which, lots of people are getting involved to earn great profits. It can be started in low finance can end up at a high-profit return.

Here are the perks of working in the PCD Pharma Franchise in Bidar, Karnataka:

  • Low Investment
  • Low administration costs
  • Promotional Support
  • Marketing Benefits
  • Work within the city
  • No work Pressure
  • No sales target
  • Incentive

Our Vast Range of Pharmaceutical Products for PCD Franchise Business

Lifepure Labs is the leading Pharma Brand known for its high-quality medicines all over India. All the treatments offered by us are highly in demand as a wave of change can be observed from our drugs. When it comes to quality-orientated treatments, our medicines speak for them as all the treatment offered by us is rich in offering effective results. We have a line of world-class specialty products that have long shelf lives and come with top-class packaging material.

Here is the list of treatments offered by us:

  • Antiemetic & Anti Ulcerate,
  • Neuropsychiatry,
  • Antibiotic,
  • Derma Products,
  • Anti-Infective, Haematinics,
  • Gynecology,
  • Cardiovascular,
  • Nutritional Supplements and many more.

All our medicine treatments offered by us have a vast range of Tablets, Capsules, Dry syrups, injectables, ointments, infusions, sachets, suspensions, etc. Thus, we are sure that our PCD Pharma Franchise in Bidar, Karnataka will be a profitable business venture for every Pharma member.

Our Promotional and Marketing tools for Better Business Growth

The company understands the importance of your investment; therefore we are 24*7 ready to help our partners in PCD Pharma Franchise in Bidar, Karnataka. We, Lifepure Labs being the experienced company in this field will help our associates with the monopoly rights from our side. We understand the nature of the market, so we will also give our partners the best promotional kit that will easily help them compete in the market.

The promotional kit provided by Lifepure Labs Includes:

  • Visual Aid
  • Working bags
  • Visiting cards
  • Small gift articles
  • Diaries
  • Writing Pads
  • Covers of catch
  • Reminder cards
  • Brochures and product cards, etc.

Contact Us


Address: SCF-255, 1st Floor, Motor Market, Manimajra, CHANDIGARH.

Mob: +91-8427290072, +91-7340712215

Landline: 0172-4629255

Email: lifepurelabs@gmail.com

Top 10 best Pharma Companies in World

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Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies List in World

List of Top 10 best Pharma Companies in World :


1. Mylan Pharmaceutical Company

Mylan is now part of Viatris, a new global healthcare company committed to empowering people to live healthier at every stage of life.

Mylan Pharmaceuticals Private Limited
Commercial Operations
Prestige Tech Park,Platina-3,
7th to 12th floor, Prestige Tech Park,
Kadubesanahalli, Bangalore -560103
Tel : 080 6672 8000



2. Teva Pharmaceuticals

A global leader in the Pharmaceutical Industries – developing, producing and marketing affordable, high quality generic drugs and specialty pharmaceuticals.

Tevapharm India Private Limited
12th Floor, Commerz II,
International Business Park,
Oberoi Garden City,
Off Western Express Highway
Goregaon- East,
Mumbai, Maharashtra, Pin-400 063, India
Tel: +91 22 62685555


3. Novartis International

Novartis is a global healthcare company based in Switzerland that provides solutions to address the evolving needs of patients worldwide.

CEO: Vasant Narasimhan (1 Feb 2018–)
Headquarters: Basel, Switzerland
Revenue: 4,866 crores USD (2020)
Customer service: 00 41 61 324 11 11
Founded: December 1996
Number of employees: 1,10,000 (2020)
Subsidiaries: Sandoz, Novartis Oncology, Novartis India Ltd., MORE


4. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

As a Company of repute and global standing, Sun Pharma is committed to conducting its business by adopting the highest standards of professional integrity …

Founder: Dilip Shanghvi
Founded: 1983, Vapi
Headquarters: Goregaon, Mumbai
Revenue: 33,473 crores INR (US$4.7 billion, 2020)
Number of employees: 36,000 (2020)
Total assets: 68,252 crores INR (US$9.6 billion, 2020)
Subsidiaries: Ranbaxy Laboratories, Pharmalucence, Inc.,


5. Pfizer

Pfizer Inc is an American multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation headquartered on 42nd Street in Manhattan, New York City.

CEO: Albert Bourla (1 Jan 2019–) Trending
Stock price: PFE (NYSE) $47.59 +0.08 (+0.18%)
26 Aug, 12:53 pm GMT-4 – Disclaimer
Founded: 1849, Brooklyn, New York, United States
Headquarters: New York, New York, United States
Group president: Albert Bourla
Founders: Charles Pfizer, Charles F. Erhart
Subsidiaries: Pfizer Japan Inc, Pfizer Australia Pty ltd, Hospira,


6. Fresenius Medical Care

Fresenius Medical Care is the world’s leading provider of products and services for individuals with renal diseases of which around 3.7 million patients …

Headquarters: Bad Homburg, Germany
Revenue: 1,748 crores EUR (2019)
CEO: Rice Powell (1 Jan 2013–)
Founded: 1996
Number of employees: 1,20,659 (2019)
Owner: Fresenius
Subsidiaries: NxStage, Xenios AG, Renal Care Group,


7. Aurobindo Pharma

Aurobindo Pharma is principally engaged in manufacturing and marketing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, generic pharmaceuticals and related services.

Founded: 1986
Headquarters: Hyderabad
Number of employees: 23,000 (2020)
Revenue: 23,290 crores INR (US$3.3 billion, 2020)
Total assets: 28,926 crores INR (US$4.1 billion, 2020)
Subsidiaries: Aurobindo Pharma USA, Inc., MORE
Founders: P. V. Ramprasad Reddy, K. Nityananda Reddy


8. Lupin

Lupin is a global pharmaceutical company offering Branded and Generic Formulations, Biosimilars and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).


9. Aspen Pharma

Headquartered in Durban, South Africa, we are a global specialty and branded pharmaceutical company, improving the health of patients across the world through …

Owner: JSE Listed
CEO: Stephen Saad (2000–)
Headquarters: Durban, South Africa
Stock price: APN (JSE) 18,990.00 ZAC -85.00 (-0.45%)
26 Aug, 5:07 pm GMT+2 – Disclaimer
Founded: 1850
Number of employees: 10,676
Subsidiaries: Aspen Pharma Indústria Farmacêutica Ltda.,


10. Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Three powerful actions define our culture and inspire us to realize our full potential to make healthy possible. Read about our culture. Learn, Lead Succeed …

Number of employees: 6,000
Stock price: AMRX (NYSE) $5.24 -0.32 (-5.68%)
26 Aug, 12:46 pm GMT-4 – Disclaimer
Founders: Chirag Patel; Chintu Patel, R. Ph
Headquarters: Bridgewater Township, New Jersey, United States
Founded: 2002
Subsidiaries: Amneal Pharmaceuticals of New York, LLC,