Third Party Manufacturing

Are you looking for third party manufacturing company in India ? Lifepure Labs is associated with GMP ISO and WHO approved manufacturing units in and around Baddi, Himachal Pradesh (HP).

We have 1200+ molecules and different APIs to manufacture as per customer requirements under his brand name and as per his specified compositions. We assure quality standards we maintain are as per international norms so that product has good self life and is highly effective. You can get advantage of reduced cost manufacturing through mass production facilities which can ramp up to meet your varying seasonal needs.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the pharma manufacturing and marketing sector which can help you in getting best quality results and you can gain a very good reputation in pharmaceutical industry by utilising our third party pharma manufacturing services.

Why Lifepure Labs for Contract Manufacturing Services in India?

We have reduced the turn around time to be very small even less than a month by tuning our third party manufacturing channels so that you can enjoy the benefit of our fast manufacturing services.

Third party manufacturing company in india

Third Party Manufacturing company in India

Third party manufacturing is also popularly called as Contract Manufacturing . We are one of the most reputed CMO – Contract Manufacturing Organization which is providing manufacturing and supply of medicines to other pharma industry as per their market demands. We can manufacture drugs for any Pharma Company for their brand so that they can get their needs full filled.

Contract manufacturing services offered by Lifepure Labs can allow your pharma company to reduce its cost of producing while still maintaining high quality standards of production and keeping good margin of profits.


What is the minimum order quantity for a third-party pharma manufacturing company?

The minimum order quantity for a third party manufacturing company depends on the cost of the product and may vary from the source. If your product to be manufactured is a costly product then the minimum order quantity for this product may be less but if the product is not very costly then the MOQ will be comparatively higher. So it depends on the market value of the product and its landing manufacturing cost and the complexity of the manufacturing process and the API being used to produce the products as well as availability of the raw ingredients and other govt rules and various regulations.