role of medical representative

A medical representative plays a key role to create demand for a brand new product or launching a new product which ensures proper availability at wholesalers and retailers.  The role of Medical Representative at an organization is very challenging. The company is represented by them in a given territory.

They work immensely hard from morning to night at various pharmacies, clinical, doctor’s chambers as well as hospitals. They often conduct meetings with various types of clinic managers, doctors, pharmacy owners, and nurses and at times with general patients.

The target is achieved by generating patient prescriptions. They possess avid knowledge regarding microbiology as well as the human body. They should have expertise in product knowledge, time management, communication skills, selling skills, and problem-solving skills to become an efficient Medical representative.


What is the role of Medical Representative?

Medical representatives are considered a pillar of a company. The formation of the platform in any company in front of their potential customers accompanied by promoting the vision and the products of the company is done by medical representatives. This maximizes the revenue of the company.


Some of their responsibilities include:-

  • Launch brand new products in the market
  • Maximize sales
  • Adequate customer service and assistance
  • Asking for feedback on the product from the market
  • Pharma product promotion
  • Representative of a company
  • Keeping records and reporting

They play a major role in establishing contact between pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals along with many medical companies to generate product awareness, offering advisory, answering queries, and introducing a wide range of products. Outstanding sales skills fetch a longer way for medical representatives.

A typical day of a medical representative includes one-to-one interaction with nurses, doctors, and pharmacists in the offices for monitoring the proper supply of drugs and to inform the superiors in case of any further changes.

The introduction of the brand new products in the company is taken care of and introduced by the representative, this is the most important role of medical representative. Moreover, he also might visit the spital to meet with different doctors and staff and to persuade them to buy your company’s products.


How to become a qualified medical representative?


The cost of manufacturing a drug costs millions and selling them in this highly competitive pharmaceutical world isn’t as easy as it seems. The pharma industry looks for people to sell their products to chemists, doctors, and pharmacists. It is the role of medical representative to sell new products and promote them.

Such companies hire medical representatives to introduce a wide range of products to chemists, doctors as well as pharmacists, or various other healthcare professionals who regularly provide prescriptions to the patients.

Medical representatives are generally specialized in one particular area. The particular product is prescribed by the health professionals of a company. The job includes promoting the existing medicines to chemists, doctors, and pharmacists.

role of medical representative

The clinical usage, as well as dosages, are discussed by the doctors and pharmacists. Medical representatives play a key role in facilitating communication between drug manufacturing companies and medical professionals.

It is the role of medical representatives to promote the products of the company to doctors and GPs in the hospitals. That’s why they do several meetings and personal communication with the medical professionals.


What is the qualification required for becoming a medical representative?


The individuals aiming to become qualified medical representatives (MR) should have a bachelor’s degree in that field. Expertise in healthcare, pharmacy, or business is required. The individuals having qualifications in any other field can also become medical representatives.

However, they are required to take training sessions about the related drugs and diseases for acquiring expertise. Few pharmaceutical companies prefer hiring candidates who are qualified in bioscience or business, while many companies hire candidates having sales backgrounds.


What are the skills and eligibility of a Medical representative?

Candidates pursuing higher secondary education with mathematics and biology from prestigious institutions or schools should join for a bachelor’s degree in the prescribed field.

Some reputed universities offer several relevant programs such as healthcare, pharmacy, biosciences, and business for four years. The admission to the institutions and schools is done based on entrance tests by them.

Developing interpersonal skills are required to build rapport and trust which is significant for the sales procedure. The necessary skills of a medical representative include:-


  • Zeal to work harder
  • Should be properly groomed, polite, dedicated, gentle, and determined.
  • Ability to comply with a challenge
  • Proficient knowledge in microbiology and the human body
  • Possess the ability to generate prescriptions

It’s necessary to be proficient in reading the language of an established medical profession by becoming acquainted with complex medical procedures as well as terms. Proper time management is very necessary for this field.


What are some additional tips to follow while preparing to become a medical representative?


Some of the tips are as follows:-


  1. Take biology as well as mathematics in your higher secondary from a reputed institution. Study harder to get good marks in the exam.


  1. Search for universities or colleges that offer courses in pharmacy bioscience and healthcare to excel in your bachelor’s degree.


  1. Get experience in the industry for maximum exposure. This would escalate your chances to get a good and reliable medical representative job.


  1. Enhance your skills by attending relevant webinars and seminars in medical subjects. Many companies provide training as per the candidates’ experience in the relevant field.


  1. Acquire the certification which would act as proof of your potential skills in the relevant field. Look for companies that are looking for medical representatives and apply for the job.




Medical representatives are individuals who act as a bridge between qualified medical professionals such as drug manufacturing companies, doctors as well as health care experts.

After getting several years of experience as medical representatives they leave their respective jobs to start with their own business as a PCD Pharma Franchise Company followed by building their further career as a business entrepreneur.

They visit many healthcare experts and doctors to pitch their best products in front of the pharma companies as a result they get prescriptions.