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PCD Pharma Company Price List: Today many people are interested in starting PCD Pharma Franchise business as their career option. They can contact the company for PCD Pharma Pricelist. This is the first question that comes into the mind of an individual if he is thinking of selling drugs of a PCD pharma company in his region, the most important question not to be ignored is the PCD Pharma Price List and product list.

The price list of PCD Pharma company should be inclusive of all taxes and appropriate GST code with the mention of tax percentage for each item.

We must understand the uniqueness of this business model and how it is different from other pharmaceutical business models like ethical marketing and generic marketing companies prevailing in the pharmaceutical section in your region.

Key difference points of PCD PHARMA FRANCHISE Business with Ethical Business Companies

You have the full authority to describe the net price for the products offered by the PCD Pharma company in your market. As a PCD Pharma franchisee business partner of the parent company, you have the full rights to set your own target and maximize the efforts to increase the sale of products in your market region. You have complete monopoly rights which means you can have any price that suits you to sell the product as per the market. However, the ethical business model puts a cap on you to set your margin below 19.99 % of the market selling price. That means you have no rights or control over the net price of the product.

PCD Pharma is a company with an innovative model that allows you to put your own promotional strategy in the area where you are located, and there will be no interference by operational representatives of the parent company. You are in charge – it all lies beneath you, whether it’s marketing or distribution- for anything related to product sales in your region. On the contrary ethical pharmacists have been deputed by the parent company for this job which saves additional money needed to set up any kind of promotional campaign.

If we refer to the PCD Pharma Franchise Company model, we find that the parent company has negligible control of the final landing product prices in the target market. The company keeps its manufacturing cost to a minimum so as to enable you to set your own price and gain maximum margins on the net profit. You can pass on discounts in the market as part of your competitive strategy and ramp up the price as per the market trends. All this is not possible with the Ethical Company Business model.

What is the significance of the PCD Pharma product price list for wholesalers, stockiest, and distributors?

The PCD Pharma Product Price List helps the stockiest and distributors to estimate their net margin by calculating the gap between the marked MRP and the available purchase price of the medicines.


We must know the PTR and PTS. PTR stands for Price to Retailer whereas PTS stands for Price to Stockiest. Please go through the following formula to calculate the net profit :


Suppose the product is having an MRP of 200 INR and the net purchase price is 60 INR.

Retailer 20% margin on 200 INR MRP is 40 Rs

Stockist 20% margin on 160 Rs is 32 Rs.


Hence the overall margin you can achieve is 200-40-32-60=68 Rs without GST.


This is just a rough calculation to give you an idea, the actual calculation may include various other factors like salary, commissions, other expenses, and various taxes depending on the business type or business nature.


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